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“this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

I will never not reblog

Forever reblogging

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you’re either obsessed with coffee or you can’t stand it there is no in between

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harry prompted the boys to sing “it’s raining men” where do i begin



Reasons why October is the best month:

  • Cold but dry weather 
  • Everything is pretty colours
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin coffee
  • Everything being made to look spooky
  • Horror movies on TV all the time
  • Halloween
  • Jumper weather
  • Dressing up as scary things
  • Hot drinks
  • Lots of sweets

The smell of dying leaves

If u don’t like October get the FUCK outta my house

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boys cry
girls masturbate
boys can like pink and not be gay
girls can have short hair and not be a lesbian
boys can like ballet
girls can like video games
boys can be hot without a six pack
girls can be hot without a hairless body
boys can have hair down to their waists
girls can have stretch marks, curves and back fat

gender doesn’t determine what you can and cannot enjoy, what you can and cannot look like or what you can and cannot do

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This phone turns my eyes bluee

So beautiful 😘❤️

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Emoji Harry (insp.)

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100,000 notes and I wonder how many people realise this line was improvised by a 7 year old

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THIS kills me every fucking time !!


It’s going to be wonderful when we get real selfies of them together. 

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Harry’s crotch is the victim again.
Sunderland, UK. May 28, 2014 x

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